Middle Eastern Finance and Economics

Issue 11
March, 2011

Effect of the Availability and The Use of Instructional Material on Academic Performance of Students in Punjab (Pakistan)
Muhammad Arshad Dahar and Fayyaz Ahmad Faize

Stock Selection Strategies of Equity Mutual Fund Managers in India
R. Shanmugham and Zabiulla

The Relevance of Dividends and Book Value in the Brazilian Stock Market
André Machado, Fabiano Guasti Lima, João Carlos de Aguiar Domingues, Rafael Bezerra Vieira, Alexandre Assaf Neto and Luiz Carlos Jacob Perera

Macroeconomic Conditions, Firm-Level Productivity, and Capital Structure Choices
Hsing-Hua Huang, Wei-Kuang Chen and Chia-Fan Lin

Productivity Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment: A Review of the Literature
Aysa Ipek Erdogan

Proprietary Technology Development and Firm Growth: Evidence from Turkey
Bostjan Antoncic, Arzu Ulgen Aydinlik, Jasna Auer Antoncic, Peter Fatur and Mitja Ruzzier

Does The Use of Derivatives Impact Bank Performance? A Case Study of Relative Performance during 2002-2009.
Ali Said

Antalya Region Tourism Cluster: To Measure the Impact of Tourism Cluster on Regional Development
Nedim Yuzbasioglu, Pelin Arsezen Otamis and M. Ozer Demir

Comparison of Financial Failure Estimation Models for Turkey: An Empirical Study Directed towards Automative and Spare Parts Sector
Nedim Yuzbasioglu, Nevin Yoruk, Mehmet Ozer Demir, Muhammed Bezirci and Mihriban Co?kun Arslan

Focusing More on Economic Theory to Test Purchasing Power Parity: Evidence from Turkey
Pouya Jabal Ameli and Somayeh Mardaneh

Customer Focused New Product Design Process Using Target Costing and Quality Function Deployment
Selçuk Yalç?n

The Sustainability of Current Account Deficits in the Presence of Structural Shift: The Case of Turkey
Ozlem Goktas, Cigdem Borke Tunali and Aycan Hepsag

Poverty-Health Nexus: The Case of Pakistan
Abo ul Hassan, Shahnawaz Malik, Imran Sharif Chaudhry and Sadia Khalil

Financial and Non-Financial Business Risk Perspectives - Empirical Evidence from Commercial Banks
Khizer Ali, Muhammad Farhan Akhtar and Shama Sadaqat

Internal Audit and its Role in Corporate Governance
Mahd Ali Al- jabali, Osama Abdalmanam and Khalifeh N. Ziadat