Middle Eastern Finance and Economics

Issue 14
June, 2011

Gender Diversity at the Board and Financial Performance: A Study on ISE (Istanbul Stock Exchange)
Chun-An Li and Tsung-Hsien Chen

Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models: A Tool for Monetary Policy in Light of Lucas Critique
Syed Kashif Saeed, Shahid Mehmood Sargana, Usman Ayub16 and Faisal Nawaz

Toward a Predicting Model of Firm Bankruptcy: Evidence from the Tunisian Context
Mondher Kouki and Abderrazek Elkhaldi

Interdependency and Forecasting of Money Supply and Interest Rate (A Vector Auto Regression Model Approach)
Gaurav Agrawal and Rohit Shukla

Analysis of the Structure of Businesses in Kosovo in Terms of their Size and the Need for Accounting Information
Nexhmie Vokshi

Service Quality Perspectives and Customer Satisfaction in Commercial Banks Working in Jordan
Anber Abraheem Shlash Mohammad and Shireen Yaseen Mohammad Alhamadani

The use of Fundamental and Technical Analysis by Stock Exchange Dealers: Indian Evidence
Venkatesh. C. K. and Madhu Tyagi

Returns to Schooling and Labor Market Stratification in the Middle East and North Africa: Evidence from Egypt and Morocco
Mona Said and Fatma El-Hamidi

State of Working Capital Management Research: Bibliometric Study
Sari Viskari, Eero Lukkari and Timo Kärri

A Discussion on Capital Structure -by the Three-Year Period Longitudinal Mediation Analysis Model
Li-Ju Chen and Shun-Yu Chen

The Effect of Board Size on Firm Performance: Evidence from Turkey
Mehmet Sabri Topak

The Impact of Dollarization on the Efficiency of Monetary in Lebanon: Interaction between Dollarization and Inflation
Latifé Ghalayini

Long-Term Price Linkages between the Equity Markets and Oil Prices: A Study of Two Big Oil Consuming Countries of Asia
Pushpa Negi, Anindita Chakraborty and Garima Mathur

Does Foreign Ownership Affect Financial Performance? An Industrial Approach
Fatih Ecer, Gozde Ulutagay and Efendi Nasiboglu

International Equity Diversification between the Transition Countries and their Major Trading Partners, Germany, the UK, and the US: Nonparametric Cointegration Test
Han-Wen Tzeng