Middle Eastern Finance and Economics

Issue 16
January, 2012

Knowledge Spillover Versus Economic Bonding Theories: The Inclinations of the Nigerian Auditing Firms
Obasi, Rosemary and Okoye, Emmanuel

Rivers in International Law Case Study: The River Jordan
Ahmad Aref Erhayel Al-Kafarneh

The Impact of Terrorism on the Economy of Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa
Sayed Waqar Hussain, Asmat Ullah and Amjid Ameen

Discretionary Accruals Behavior of Iranian Distressed Firms
Hossein Etemadi, Mohsen Dastgir, Mansour Momeni and Hassan Farajzadeh Dehkordi

Organizational Values and Firm Growth: Evidence from Turkey
Vesna Laissani, Bostjan Antoncic, Jasna Auer Antoncic and Arzu Ulgen Aydinlik

The Diversity and Its Formation Mechanism of Multifractal Properties of Chinese Stock Market before, during and after the Financial Crisis
Xiao-Ling Luo, Shi-Chang Ma and Yu-Feng Xu

The Sensitivity of the Agribusiness Production Costs and Price Level to Change in the Prices of Crude Oil- Evidence from a Small Open Economy
Cheng-Yih Hong, Jian-Fa Li and Yih-Bey Lin

The Estimation of Customer's Electronic Trust (E-Trust) Toward Airline E-Ticketing in Iran using the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)
Samane Vahidi Motlaq, Fahime Ghodsi, Mehdi Kazemi, Tayebe Vahidi Motlaq and Maryam Vahidi Motlaq

Causality Relationship between Financial Development and Economic Growth in Jordan: Supply-Leading and Demand-Pulling Hypotheses Test
Khaled Lafy AL-Naif

Working Capital Management in Cement Units of Rajasthan
Ashraf Mohammad Salem Alrjoub, Ali Mahmoud Abdallah Alrabei, Mousa Mohammad Abdallah Saleh and Omar Ahmad Mustafa Alrawashdeh

Compilation of Accounting Regulation in Kosovo through Two Packages of Standards: Kosovo Accounting Standards and International Accounting Standards
Nexhmie Vokshi, Skender Ahmeti, Rrustem Asllanaj and Arben Dermaku

Review Effect Accounting Standards on Disclosure of Information (According to Accounting Standards of Iran)
Iman Zare, Jafar Nekounam and Abbas Talari

Are the Models of Herding Behaviour Different in (Developed and Developing) Financial Markets?
Suleyman Degirmen, Julian Pabst and Mehmet Songur

The Effects of Financial Relationships on Employment Relationships and Executive Compensation: The Japanese Model of Corporate Governance Revisited
Hiroshi Izawa, Kenichi Itoh and Yoshihiro Domyo

Day-of-the-Week Effect on Returns and Conditional Volatility: Empirical Evidence from Sudanese Stock Market
Suliman Zakaria Suliman Abdalla