Middle Eastern Finance and Economics

Issue 4
September, 2009

An Examination of Risk and Return Trade off in Manufacturing Industry: An Asset Pricing Approach
?aban Çelik, P?nar EVR?M Mandaci and Efe Ça?lar Ça?li

The Relationship of Causality between the Price of Futures Transactions Underlying Stock Exchange and Price of Cash Market: The Case of Turkey
Ercan Özen, Tunga Bozdo?an and Muhittin Zügül

The Nature of Government Expenditure and its Impact on Sustainable Economic Growth
Wadad Saad and Kamel Kalakech

Value-at-Risk Forecasts in Gold Market Under Oil Shocks
Wan-Hsiu Cheng, Jung-Bin Su and Yi-Pin Tzou

Statistical Irrelevance of Kibor to the Volatility of Pakistani Exchange Rate Market: A Case of Five Major Currencies
Muhammad Ayub Siddiqui

Is Financial Leverage Mean Reverting: Evidence From Turkey With Unit Root Tests
Ozlem Tasseven and Dilek Teker

Fundamental and Ethics Theories of Corporate Governance
Haslinda Abdullah and Benedict Valentine

Asymmetric Effects of Aggregate Demand Policy in Turkey
Yakup Kucukkale and Rahmi Yamak

A Principal Components Analysis of the Portfolio Diversification Benefits of Investing in Emerging Stock Markets
Ilhan Meric, Larry M. Prober, Benjamin H. Eichhorn and Gulser Meric

Using a Neural Network-Based Methodology for Credit-Risk Evaluation of a Tunisian Bank
Hamadi Matoussi and Aida Abdelmoula