Middle Eastern Finance and Economics

Issue 7
September, 2010

Impact of Financial Liberalization on Economic Growth in Iran: An Empirical Investigation
Karim Chashm Banam

Pairs Trading with Turkish Stocks
Aydin Yuksel, Asli Yuksel and Alovsat Muslumov

Government Expenditure, Agricultural Product Prices and Agricultural Growth: A Case of Pakistan
Qazi Muhammad Adnan Hye, Summaira Malik and Masood Mashkoor

Flow of Funds Analysis: Can it be Developed for the Kuwaiti Economy?
John J. Struthers

Economic Reliability Group Acceptance Sampling Plans for Lifetimes Following a Marshall-Olkin Extended Distribution
AbdurRazzaque Mughal, Muhammad Aslam, Jaffer Hussain and Abdur Rehman

The Determinants of Non-Performing Assets in Indian Commercial Bank: An Econometric Study
Manoj Kumar Dash and Gaurav Kabra

Do Merge
rs Affect Stock Returns and Volatility? The Case of Merger between Ioniki-Laiki Bank and Alpha Bank
Paraschos Maniatis

The Dynamic Relationship between Gold and Silver Futures Markets Based onCopula-AR-GJR-GARCH Model
Wo-Chiang Lee and Hui-Na Lin

Estimation of the Price Substitution Relationship of Imported Meat: The Evidences from Taiwan
Sheng-Ju Huang and Chiang-Ren Show

The Impact of Accounting Software Utilization on Accounting Students Perceived Skills
Husam Aldeen Al-Khadash and Suliman Al-Bishtawi

Impact of Exchange Rate Variation on the Direction of Trade Flows; Evidence from the Case of Kuwait
Nayef Al-Shammari and Abdullah Al-Salman

The Political Economy of the Greek Crisis: Roots, Causes and Perspectives for Sustainable Development
Pantelis Sklias and George Galatsidas

Portfolio Allocation Using Wavelet Transform
Nafiseh Behradmehr

Determinants of Successful Financial Performance of Housing Finance Companies in India and Strategies for Competitiveness: A Multivariate Discriminant Analysis
Manoj P K

Stock Market Development and Market Efficiency on China Stock Market
Tianshu Liu